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Watsonville cosmetic dentistCosmetic dentists Dr. Terry Haskin and Dr. Gordon G. Goldstine understand how precious a healthy and attractive smile is. Each of them is committed to finding the right solution to address your specific dental concerns.

Typically, patients achieve a beautiful smile naturally from proper at-home care as well as consistent exams and cleanings from a dental professional. Despite these efforts, there are other factors that can lead to damage and discoloration.


Causes of Dental Imperfections

The main causes of compromised oral health are an insufficient home dental routine, excess sugar intake, and lack of adequate professional dental care. In addition to these, genetic predisposition, certain medications, and some illness can contribute to everything from permanently stained teeth to gum disease and even tooth loss.

Our Watsonville Cosmetic Dental Solutions

Opalescence Teeth Whitening – for staining that has occurred over time, especially when consuming dark liquids like coffee and wine or using tobacco. This professional strength, custom take-home kit allows you to achieve a significantly whiter smile in two weeks and continue to maintain it for as long as you want. More affordable than chairside whitening and just as effective given the recommended time.

Porcelain Veneers – to disguise mild imperfections like minor cracks, chips, and permanent discoloration. We offer a choice of traditional and low prep veneer options to meet your needs.

Restorations – when one or more teeth need to be repaired or replaced, Drs. Haskin and Goldstine are meticulous in their approach to creating a natural looking and fully functional prosthetics. By obtaining digital X-rays and a detailed impression of your teeth, they are able to provide our top local lab all they need to craft your restoration. When you return to have your prosthetic placed, our Watsonville cosmetic dentist will carefully secure your crown or bridge.

Traditional Dental Crowns repair individual teeth that have been severely decayed or otherwise damaged.

Traditional Dental Bridges replace one or two missing teeth with pontics (replacement teeth) that are anchored by adjacent teeth that have been fitted with crowns.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are far more than a cosmetic solution but can certainly improve the look of your smile if you are missing teeth. This permanent tooth replacement solution consists of a bio-compatible post being inserted into the jawbone to act as the root and stimulate bone growth. Without a root, or root replacement, resorption occurs, resulting in a loss of bone volume and a sunken appearance. The post is given time to heal and then topped with a permanent restoration, be it a crown, bridge, or denture.

Full Smile Makeovers

Any of our cosmetic dental services can be received as a single treatment, or combined to achieve a full smile makeover, completely renewing your smile.

All beautiful smiles begin with optimized dental care and our Watsonville cosmetic dentists address every aspect of your oral health. This builds a foundation that can sustain cosmetic improvements and avoid relapses into less than ideal dental habits.

If you are seeking cosmetic dental care in Watsonville, give our dental office a call today!



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